Candy Queen

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By Falcanna

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Candy Queen is a cross between Candy Kush and Space Queen. With hints of hibiscus and fresh cut pears, this relaxing, clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid emanates chill vibes and seems made for bright days. Offering a mental clarity that enables activity, it also provides a body high that is relaxing without being heavy. This strain both looks and smells deeply minty, with a heavy coat of frosting and the exhale is very light and sweet.


Cannabinoid Analysis

Product Name Product Type Weight or Size Price Quantity
Candy Queen Sativa,Flower 1.0 Grams(g) $13.00
Candy Queen Sativa,Flower 3.5 Grams(g) $39.00
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Candy Queen Sativa,Flower 7.0 Grams(g) $75.00
Candy Queen Sativa,Flower 14.0 Grams(g) $146.00

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