Canguru de Oaxaca Sugar Wax

By: High Noon

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We are very excited about this pure tropical narrow leafedread more...

offering. In the 1960’s travelling hippies and surfers from all over Australia convened to the city of Nimbin, creating the country’s counterculture mecca. With seeds found in imported flowers from Thailand and Papua New Guinea, and thanks to the humid subtropical climate of northeastern New South Wales, the locals developed the most legendary Cannabis ever to grow under the Australian sun, the Mullumbimby Madness. Named for its potent, highly cerebral effect, this highly sought after Australian heirloom has fallen to near extinction, giving way to modern cultivars. Simultaneously, in North America, many in the counterculture decided to follow Timothy Leary to Oaxaca, and participate in the ancient psilocybin using Curandero culture. This same culture in the mountains of Oaxaca, also grew a similarly benevolent yet psychedelic variety of Cannabis, known as the Highland Oaxaca Gold.


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