Chaos Kush

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The super frosty, "Chaos Kush" is a rock solid Indica dominant hybrid variety that was brought forth by the award winning breeders at the California based Elemental Seeds. This TruBerry and Abba Zabba combo brings forth tall and chunky plants that quickly fill in with above average amounts of big, thick and extremely resinous flowers that ripen to perfection in only 8-9 weeks indoors and by the end of September outdoors, beginning of October at the latest. She does tend to respond quite well to common training techniques if a smaller, bushier plant is desired so don't be afraid to train, top or trellis away as needed. Once chopped, trimmed and then cured to just the right funk, the "Chaos Kush" exudes a rather pungent lemon OG Kush flavor and aroma that quickly fills the room with it's heavy stank. Following her rather bold terpene profile is a very heavy and sedative Indica dominant hybrid high that also has a nice and calming cerebral effect that relaxes the mind just as much as the body. This makes her a great choice for both a nice and relaxing evening after a busy and stressful day out in the world, as well as a great nighttime smoke that will help lay you out for a rock solid nights sleep.


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