Coconut BARE Cartridge

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By BARE Naked Concentrates

BARE Naked Concentrates pushes the boundaries of the concentrate process, by further processing their already high quality cannabis oil. Using a proprietary distilling process, they achieve in their refined product THC concentrations which reach nearly 90%. This achievement hasn't gone unnoticed, propelling BARE Naked Concentrates to the top of the cannabis extractors inner circles. This ultra pure cannabis oil serves as the nearest experience to ambrosia that the retail market has seen in some time.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Product Name Product Type Weight or Size Price Quantity
Coconut BARE Cartridge Cartridge,Concentrate 0.5 Grams(g) $30.00

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Its ok, not as good as other BARE flavors

Published over 1 year by Simon

Published over 1 year by Anthony

Published about 1 year by Lisa-Marie

Meh compared to their other carts.

Published 9 months by Gabriel

Published 7 months by Connie

Published 6 months by Heather

Published 3 months by Kayla

Published 3 months by Kayla

Published 3 months by Kayla