Doctor Robert’s Wild Cherry Stone Cold Soda

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By Evergreen Herbal

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"What's So Bad About Feeling Good?”

In a song named after an actual New York doctor, John Lennon paid tribute to Charles Roberts, whose unorthodox prescriptions had made him a favorite among Andy Warhol’s entourage and indeed of The Beatles themselves, whenever they passed through town. Make your appointment now with Stone Cold Soda’s, Doctor Robert’s Wild Cherry.

Taking cues from days gone by, Evergreen Herbal introduces its new cannabis-infused carbonated beverage line inspired by fondly remembered flavors including Cola, Orange Cream Pie, Root Beer, Ginger Beer and an old school Wild Cherry. It's those flavors and memories that acted as the catalyst to bring the Stone Cold Soda line to life. Who can't recall the satisfaction as a child of winning the little league game and coach's rewards of an orange soda, or the thirst quenching payment of a Root Beer at the end of a long day of chores? It's these memories we wanted to recreate and perhaps bring to life for those just discovering Evergreen Herbal's soda for the first time. Using only the finest ingredients including pure cane sugar, Stone Cold Soda is meant to be enjoyed and experienced. We hope you enjoy the enIre family of flavors and start making some new memories of your own. Check out all five, fun flavors available in: 10 mg*, 30 mg* and 100 mg* dosed 6.3 oz. bottles (*per bottle).
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Doctor Robert’s Wild Cherry Stone Cold Soda Beverage,Edible 30mg $12.00
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Doctor Robert’s Wild Cherry Stone Cold Soda Beverage,Edible 100mg $20.00

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