Dutch Haze Pre Roll

By: Falcanna

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Two superstars from the Dutch cannabis scene mingle togeth

er to rejuvenate genetics from decades passed into an intriguing hybrid that gained popularity in Colorado’s medical market for being both potent and flavorful. Dutch Treat Haze has a complex but undoubtable Haze aroma of pungent earthy tones from Super Silver Haze with the influence of Dutch Treat’s crisp, fruity, and floral flavors to create a captivating sativa-dominant hybrid. Its heady sativa effects are felt almost immediately with an energetic burst of creativity and sociability that uplift your mood and stimulate the appetite. - Leafly.com

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Farm Information: Falcanna has built a first class production facility from theread more... ground up, and have carefully selected and trained the Falcanna Family - the best crew in recreational cannabis. From plant care and curing to packaging and online services, Falcanna strives to help each plant reach its genetic potential, and each bud to be cured to perfection so you can have a reliable and consistent experience.

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Published over 2 years ago by Jason J

Published over 2 years ago by Gisele P

Published about 2 years ago by Katie

Published over 1 year ago by Davida

Published about 1 year ago by Jamar

Published about 1 year ago by Jessica

Very nice, light, high!

Published 11 months ago by dana

I'm a pirate nerd so just seeing the ships on this made me Instantly rate 5!

Published 8 months ago by Randy

Published 4 months ago by Autumn

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