G Cut 2 pack Pre Roll

By: Seattle's Private Reserve

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Genetics – Jackson’s Private Breeding Stock

Appearan

ce – Darker green with a smattering of purple hues, orangey pistils and frosted with tricomes.

Smell – Grape, piney OG, with lemon undertones.

Taste – Bold 3 flavor terp profile unlike any other. The inhale contains grape flavor, in the middle you will taste OG, and then …wait for it…. lemon on the exhale!

Effect – Relaxing, tranquilizing effect while providing a sense of well-being. Excellent for unwinding after work or before bed.


Farm Information: At Seattle’s Private Reserve, we take pride in producing exceread more...ptional cannabis using all organic methods. Every product that leaves our facility is tested to the highest standards by Steep Hill Labs. Our flowers are always rigorously tested to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best from Seattle’s Private Reserve. Our partnership with the country’s leading testing facility demonstrates our commitment to not only quality, but integrity too.

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