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Loudberry, also known as “The Loud Berry” and “Loud Berry,read more...

” is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (80% sativa/20% indica) created through a cross of unknown Berry strains. Even with the lack of information about its true heritage due to breeder secrecy, Loudberry is a favorite of users all around the world thanks to its insanely delicious flavor and totally loud high. Loudberry has a sweet fruity berry flavor with a light spicy woody exhale. The aroma takes a dank and pungent turn, with spicy grapes and berries accented by sweet herbs and earth. The Loudberry high is just as bright as the flavor, with long-lasting and energizing effects that will get you up and moving on those days when you just can’t seem to get going. The high will start with a cerebral rush of energy that fills your mind with pure euphoria and bliss, pushing out any negative or racing thoughts immediately. You’ll feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders as your focus and motivation increases, leaving you ready to tackle anything that comes your way with ease. - Allbud.com


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