Orange Blossom

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Orange Blossom is an indica dominant hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to its rarity and general secrecy. However, it is thought to be a descendant of the Orange Dream or Orange Creamsicle family based on its creamy vanilla and orange flavor. The aroma of Orange Blossom is exactly how it sounds – sweet and flowery with a sugary citrus overtone that’s accented by a hint of cream and vanilla. If you like the taste, you’ll love the feel of this high. This long-lasting buzz starts with a happy mood boost that gives you a positive outlook and a sense of calm, although it does so without increasing your energy at all. - Falcanna

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cannabinoid Analysis

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Orange Blossom Flower,Budtender Picks 1.0 Grams(g) $13.00
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Orange Blossom Flower,Budtender Picks 3.5 Grams(g) $39.00
Orange Blossom Flower,Budtender Picks 7.0 Grams(g) $75.00
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The. Very. Best.

Hands down my favorite flower. It hits me just right. Makes me happy. My go-to choice for anytime I just wanna have a great time!

Published over 1 year by Jason J

Some fire

Published over 1 year by Nicholas

Published over 1 year by Ethan

Most excellent

Published about 1 year by Nolan

Absolutely amazing

Published about 1 year by Felisha

Published about 1 year by Maria

Published 12 months by Jennifer

Published 12 months by Teagan

Published 11 months by SG

Published 11 months by Ray