Orange Blossom Pre Roll

By: Falcanna

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Orange Blossom is an indica dominant hybrid strain with unread more...

known parentage due to its rarity and general secrecy. However, it is thought to be a descendant of the Orange Dream or Orange Creamsicle family based on its creamy vanilla and orange flavor. The aroma of Orange Blossom is exactly how it sounds – sweet and flowery with a sugary citrus overtone that’s accented by a hint of cream and vanilla. If you like the taste, you’ll love the feel of this high. This long-lasting buzz starts with a happy mood boost that gives you a positive outlook and a sense of calm, although it does so without increasing your energy at all. - Falcanna

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Farm Information: Falcanna has built a first class production facility from theread more... ground up, and have carefully selected and trained the Falcanna Family - the best crew in recreational cannabis. From plant care and curing to packaging and online services, Falcanna strives to help each plant reach its genetic potential, and each bud to be cured to perfection so you can have a reliable and consistent experience.

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