Pacific Blue Pre Rolls

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Pacific Blue is Falcanna's premier flagship cannabis strai

n and its genetics are exclusive to the the Falcanna strain family.

Pacific Blue is an indica-dominant (80%) hybrid cross of (Pre-'98 Bubba Kush x DJ Short BlueBerry) backcrossed to Pre-'98 Bubba Kush. Pacific Blue has a smell and taste that are both a mix of a sweet/sour skunk with accents of 'sugary kush'. Pacific Blue affects different people in different ways, but generally yields a very balanced high and make you happy immediately happy after smoking it. Falcanna's Pacific Blue THC levels test consistently in the upper 20% and it is a good strain for mood relaxation, stress, and anxiety. On a side note, co-owner and head-grower, Justin Rondeau has been quoted as saying: "If I was stranded on a desert island and could take one thing it would be my wife Bethany. But if I could take two things it would be Bethany and Pacific Blue."

Taste Description: Sweet & Sour Skunk, Mildly Sugary, 'Kushy' Smell Description: Sweet Sugary & Sour Skunky 'Kush' Aroma High Description: Balanced, relaxing & soothing body/head high

Indica Dominant Hybrid (80% IN / 20% ST)

Farm Information: Falcanna has built a first class production facility from theread more... ground up, and have carefully selected and trained the Falcanna Family - the best crew in recreational cannabis. From plant care and curing to packaging and online services, Falcanna strives to help each plant reach its genetic potential, and each bud to be cured to perfection so you can have a reliable and consistent experience.

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