Royal Kush Pre Roll

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By Blacksmith Farms

Just one look at Royal Kush and you will be blown away by the amount of sparkling trichomes that cover every bit of surface on the buds. The aroma from Royal Kush is intoxicating; a rich earthy/kush stench with surprisingly fruity undertones, presumably from the Skunk #1in its genetics. Each hit of Royal Kush is sure to leave a sweet-tasting smoke that will have even the pickiest smokers satisfied with the quality of the smoke session. This strain is no joke, and is considered one of the most potent strains available to patients today. Frequently lab testing over 25%, the Royal Kush strain deserves the respect is has gained in the last few years. -


Cannabinoid Analysis

Product Name Product Type Weight or Size Price Quantity
Royal Kush Pre Roll Pre-Roll,Indica 0.75 Grams(g) $3.00
Royal Kush Pre Roll Pre-Roll,Indica 1.0 5 Pack $11.00

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Published 5 months by Raquita

Published 5 months by James

Published 4 months by Gary

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Kinda not rolled very well. Spaces in the Joint.

Published 4 months by Krystal

Published 4 months by Amanda

Smells a little skunky, but it will definitely get you there!

Published 4 months by Fredrick

Published 4 months by Kyle

Published 4 months by Shawn