Sleep, Indica Spray Tincture

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By Green Revolution

Formerly known as "Ethos"

Ever need a lift? Lighten your day with one of our varieties of spray tinctures that exhilarate or calm depending on the mood you desire. We combine sun-grown, pesticide free cannabis with full-flower and CO2 extracts, along with herbal ingredients, coconut and lemon oil, to help you sleep, relax, invigorate, or be your happiest self. Our discreet, easy to carry sublingual sprays, are faster acting and have greater assimilation than edibles. To achieve the targeted effect, we isolate certain cannabinoids and pair them with traditional herbal medications. Warning: you may never want to come down.

Low Dose, Standard, and Micro-Dose Servings available

Enjoy under the tongue or applied to food.

Indica with High CBG extract and Valerian Root

100mg THC - 5ml bottle
Product Name Product Type Weight or Size Price Quantity
Sleep, Indica Spray Tincture Tincture 1.0 100mg $30.00

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