Solace Deep Penetrating Topical (100:1 CBD)

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By Green Revolution

Formerly known as "Ethos"

Solace Deep Penetrating Feel Good Topical is aloe vera Based, CBD dominant, Terpene-rich cannabis with additional nutritive and ingredients. Topicals with full Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles are faster acting and more effective than topicals containing only CBD. -from Green Revolution

Cannabinoid Analysis

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Solace Deep Penetrating Topical (100:1 CBD) Topical 87.0 Milliliters(ml) $49.00
Solace Deep Penetrating Topical (100:1 CBD) Topical 3Milliliters(ml) $22.00
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A bit expensive for as small as it is, but a little goes a LONG WAY. Within seconds of applying this to a stubborn lower back issue, that pops up from time to time, due to my job, I felt my muscles actually loosen and relax. It lasted for hours giving my muscles the chance to recover after a long day.

Published 5 months by Marina