Tangerine Cookies

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By 1937 Farms

Bred by Elev8 Seeds, Tangerine Cookies is a mouth-watering, LOUD strain that smells and tastes like orange cream soda. This unique strain has legendary parentage of Tangie and Thin Mint GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies). These rock-hard buds are caked in gooey crystals. According to High Times of March 2016, the strain that tested the highest in terpenes was 4.1%. Tangerine Cookies tested a whopping 5.5% in terpenes with 28.87% THC. The taste matches the smell exactly and lingers on the taste buds. The effect is energizing, happy and extremely potent.-Leafly.com


Cannabinoid Analysis

Product Name Product Type Weight or Size Price Quantity
Tangerine Cookies Sativa,Flower 1.0 Grams(g) $11.00
Tangerine Cookies Sativa,Flower 3.5 Grams(g) $34.00
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Tangerine Cookies Sativa,Flower 7.0 Grams(g) $67.00
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