Legalized OG

By: Seattle's Private Reserve

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Genetics – 100% OG

Appearance – Very dense buds with

a dark green hue and monster red hairs encased with a thick layer of glistening trichomes. If you love your OG’s, this is going to be right up your alley.

Smell – Overwhelmingly dank goodness of a great OG. The spicy, pine aroma with lemon citrus notes of the OG resemble a box of fruit loops. The distinctive aroma is incredible, and incomparable to most OG Kush’s. It has a lemony, sour fragrance combined with a pine and woody smell that only exists in an OG.

Taste – A powerful flavor of fruity pine accompanied by a strong lemony taste that lingers on the palate. Once this OG is opened, it fills the room with its woodsy, pine aroma. The smoke is incredible, definitely one of the more powerful of the hybrid strains.

Effects – The high comes on immediately, and intensely heady – melting into a body high providing you with a sense of ease. This is one of those strains you won’t get tired of. The effects can be very sedative so make sure you’re in your PJ’s when you smoke this strain. - Seattle's Private reserve

Indica Dominant Hybrid (70/30)

Farm Information: At Seattle’s Private Reserve, we take pride in producing exceread more...ptional cannabis using all organic methods. Every product that leaves our facility is tested to the highest standards by Steep Hill Labs. Our flowers are always rigorously tested to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best from Seattle’s Private Reserve. Our partnership with the country’s leading testing facility demonstrates our commitment to not only quality, but integrity too.

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