Hollywood OG

Seattle's Private Reserve

THC 16-19%
CBD 0%
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Hollywood OG

This is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid from Jackson’s Privread more...ate Breeding Stock. Hollywood OG is the best OG you will ever see and it's incredibly rare in every way. This is one of those unique buds that looks so good, you don’t even want to smoke it. Dense, dark green buds with light clover green hues give way to sticky red hairs and a hint of shimmering violet. The goodness of this dank eye candy definitely appeals to any connoisseur. Covered in sticky trichomes, Hollywood OG will leave your fingers sticking together like super glue. Imagine the best smelling OG and then adding another layer of creamy goodness. The aroma fills the room with a distinctive sharp and woodsy pine, lemony flavor finishing with a hint of sweet fruit. Once you crack a nug, your nostrils are greeted with of a monstrous wall of creamy OG that delights the senses. This fragrant flower is so pleasant and danky, one can smell them all day long without tiring of the magnificent scent. It literally tastes just like it smells. Literally. There are many different OG’s out there, most of them with similar taste, however, Hollywood OG is very unique and definitely sets a high bar for the rest of the OGs. If you’re a connoisseur of classic OG’s, this will take the cake of OG’s with its creamy, citrusy goodness. From that first inhale of lemony pine flavor to the earthy after-note, you will never want to partake of another OG again. The effects are a rarity among strains, Hollywood OG is one of those unique flowers you can smoke everyday and it will have the same potency and effect every time. There is no ceiling with Hollywood OG, which is why it's Jackson’s ‘go-to’ strain and also considered one of SPR's Legacy Strains. The effect is felt instantaneously once the thick creamy smoke goes fills your lungs. This bud is very effective, starting in the head and slowly moving downwards into the body. Still, the strongest effects are felt in the cerebral region and provide a smooth come down. Hollywood OG will get you through those tough days as only a great OG can.


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