Heisenburg Kush


THC 18-23%
CBD 0-1%
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Heisenburg Kush

Heisenberg Kush is a cross of SC Blue Dream and Sin City Kread more...ush bred by Alphakronik Genes Seeds as part of their Great Minds series of genetics. Named for the renowned German physicist Werner Heisenberg, who is considered the pioneer of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg Kush is a fast-flowering, sativa-dominant blend that produces a spectrum of blue and purple hues. Skunky grape notes mix with earthy undertones of sandalwood and a sweet strawberry finish to create the invigorating flavor palate of Heisenberg Kush. -


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Published 2 months ago by Jane

Published 2 months ago by Myala

Published 3 months ago by Jennifer

Finally, flowers sold with the proper moisture content. I other words in wasn't stored on a car dash in eastern washington in the summer time.
Wonderful flavor when all of the volital terpines are still there. Very potent.

Published 5 months ago by Harland

Published 8 months ago by Holly

Published 10 months ago by Keanan

Published 10 months ago by Salina